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How To Automate Your Restaurant

Business automation is the one stop solution to the current customer demands in this fast-moving world. With the advancing technology, everything has become easy, simple and fast. The restaurant business is not far behind incorporating automation for many processes, like self-order kiosks, or online home delivery apps or even text orders for pickups; in fact it has become imperative for restaurateurs to incorporate technology to improve their customer service experience, streamline operations and most importantly improve sales. If you haven’t already automated your restaurant processes, you might want to look into the automation technologies that might help run smoothly and efficiently.


The first technology that comes into mind when thinking about automation of a restaurant is online ordering. It helps the customer order exactly what they want via an app or website without the hassle and trouble of explaining their order to the waiter. One can choose the order to be home delivered or picked-up from the restaurant, whichever is comfortable. Moreover, customers can order anytime from anywhere and ensure quick and easy placement of orders.

This not only increases customer satisfaction but also ensures smooth functioning of the restaurant. They will know exactly what the customer wants and there will not be any mix up of orders too. It will also ensure that the restaurant does not lose any customers if the phone line is busy.


Most customers prefer booking their reservation online before they head out to eat. People do not like the long wait hours and like to choose their favourite spot in the restaurant beforehand, rather than going to the restaurant and explaining the seating arrangement they want. This not only increases customer delight but helps the restaurant to prepare and function efficiently during rush hour.


The customer relations management tools are used to enhance the client engagement and satisfaction by personalising offers and emails based on the customer’s ordering habits. Using a CRM database helps restaurateurs send emails and newsletters with updated menus and offers personalised to the customer’s preferences, this helps the restaurant increase its sales and at the same time keep their guests informed.


Ordering in advance via a text message has recently gained a lot of popularity, especially in the case of casual eateries, coffee shops and takeaway restaurants. This is very popular among commuters and people always on the go who hate waiting in long queues to give orders. This also streamlines the restaurant’s process as the possibility of the waiter or attendant transcribing the order wrong is significantly reduced.

Automation is a technology which reduces human involvement significantly. This not only cuts down the chances of human errors but also saves time and is very cost effective. When in the restaurant business, time is a key aspect, in this extremely fast paced environment, everyone wants everything at a click of their fingers. It is the smart restaurateurs who understand the need of the hour and incorporate automation processes to streamline their operations, reduce their costs and increase the customer satisfaction manifold.

At Adesso Digital we help restaurateurs like you become the talk of the town by helping you automate your restaurant. No ideas are off limits, so contact us today about your customer software projects for your restaurant. 

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