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Business Process Automation in a Retail Business

Business process automation has become imperative in the retail industry today. It essentially means putting the business on Auto-Pilot Mode. Automation not only reduces operational costs; it also enhances customer experience and saves the owners the hassle of managing the supply chain of the retail business. Most retail businesses are taking steps to employ intelligent automation to plan and manage their supply chain by 2021.

We can help retail business owners to organise and manage their business most effectively using automation. Here are some automation processes every retail business should consider moving forward.

  1. Streamlining the Backend Work

Customer interaction is a crucial part of any retail business, and when employees are swamped with the office work like, planning work schedules and payroll and preparing invoices, the business loses its USP and customer loyalty.

Streamlining the back-office work like invoicing, payroll management and other HR processes like employee performance, the efficiency of employees increases and there is a boost in customer experience and satisfaction at the same time. Significant costs can be cut down as a lot of manual work will now be automated.

  1. Inventory Management

Automation of the purchasing systems by incorporating low stock alerts, real time updates on stock available and changes in product demand can aid the growth of the business. 

Employing automation for inventory management has numerous benefits; It creates more visibility by providing real time on the business inventory. One can set up low stock alerts, automatic replenishment of stock and even sync all their sales channels onto one system to organise everything. This not only makes the process simple, but also decreases human error. Reduction of manual tasks eliminates the risk of low stock or wrong orders or deliveries by staff members.

  1. Customer Relationship and Support

Incorporating a CRM system to make customer interactions personalised boosts customer satisfaction. All customers want to be feeling that they are being looked after and businesses cannot afford to lose them because they cannot understand and deal with them in a positive manner.

Offering 24/7 support using a bot and regularly updating them with personalised offers and resolving complaints in a systematic and quick way, all empower the business to become a leader.

  1. Responsive PoS System

With the growth eCommerce having a responsive PoS system has become a necessity. Many people prefer shopping online, and, using cutting edge technology to enhance customer experience and make the process transparent, easy and convenient is the way to go. Automation using Mobile PoS apps and even responsive PoS for desktop versions benefits the customers as well as the retailers as their products move with just a tap of the finger.

Automation makes the data readily available and easy to access. Filing all the bills and pulling out spreadsheets and reports to keep a tally is a tedious and difficult task. It also has a high labour cost associated with it. Automation keeps data up to date in real-time. Not only is it extremely cost effective, as it cuts down labour cost significantly, it also increases employee satisfaction as they are not burdened with paperwork all the time. In fact, BPA can be employed for most of the processes in a retail business, be it customer experience or store management. 

At Adesso Digital we can help you digitise your business quickly so you can focus on your customers.

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