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Managing a business is much more challenging than it appears. Even in this digital era, the extensive number of manual tasks takes up a lot of time in businesses. Not only manual processes, there are various other reasons due to which businesses cannot utilise time efficiently like employee productivity, poor business schedule and plan, spending a lot of time segregating promotional and work emails and many more.

We, at Adesso Digital, have analysed the most common reasons why businesses lack time management and proposed solutions to make your business processes extremely efficient.

Do you currently measure time spent by your employees for each activity they perform?

It is crucial to any business to correctly measure employee productivity and drive the business towards improving the KPI. To improve the productivity of employees, they need to align their goals to the goals of the company. There are many methods by which you can track if your employees are disengaged and are spending a lot of time on social media and checking personal emails or just procrastinating. They are:

  1. Method of management by objectives

Utilising this method reveals how much an employee’s productivity is benefiting the company and helping it achieve its goals. Regular employee accomplishment reports can track this. This can be done with the help of incorporating Software services which track the work being done in real time. Apart from this, regular meetings with head of departments, to give employees clear goals and targets plays a crucial role in increasing the employee productivity. These meetings also can be scheduled using various different software so that it is not missed out upon.

2. Method of measuring productivity quantitatively

It is very simple to calculate employee productivity using software which calculates the number of products the employee, produces/ sells/ provides service for in a given time period. This determines the efficiency of the employee and will tell you if they actively engaged in their jobs.

3. Getting a 360 feedback

When employees are in constant interaction with each other, it is always good to take feedback of one another from them first-hand. Conducting these surveys regularly helps businesses determine who is meeting targets and deadlines consistently.

4. Measuring sales and service productivity

Keeping a track of the sales each employee makes in a given time period and the time taken to provide a service to a customer is also a crucial indicator of employee productivity. Adesso Digital offers software customised to your business to track this information.

5. “Watch the money everything else will fall in place”

For any business, measuring productivity becomes fairly simple by tracking profit. An increasing trend in the profit share determines that the employees are functioning productively and are actively working towards the company goal. If there are large fluctuations every certain period of time, there might be a need to take it up with the employees.

Do you or your employees spend a lot of time on emails?

With the increase in popularity of email marketing and platforms that make marketing via emails very convenient and accessible, differentiating between important client emails that need a follow up, and promotional emails becomes extremely difficult. Tracking your important email threads and bifurcating the promotions, spam and important emails using different software and services helps you keep track of your work. This prevents you from wasting unnecessary time skimming and scanning through hundreds of promotional emails to find that one thread or even sometimes miss out on important clients.

Do you or your employees work overtime?

Having a workforce that is ready to work overtime is advantageous to a great extent. It helps to cover up during busy times and even for employees who cannot make it to work sometimes, due to emergencies. But if your employees are constantly working overtime it can have a great negative impact on the business, not only financially but also in terms of medical health, work-life balance of employees and employee productivity. All of these reasons disrupt the functioning of the business and a lot of time is being wasted as employee satisfaction and productivity is extremely low. Streamlining the work with automation to avoid redundant tasks will help employees to focus on what is the priority and at the same time save a lot of time and money in your business.

Do you have a FAQ page available to your clients/customers?

Customers and Clients are imperative to each and every business. It is important to nurture them and answer all of their queries. Humans are curious as a cat, and all your customers and clients will want to know about the products and services you offer. Having an FAQ Page which answers most basic questions, like the material of the product, its features, what it can be used for, estimated delivery time, how to process returns or even how to get in touch with the customer service team. Its various advantages are

1. It saves your customer a lot of time.

FAQs are a one stop solution for all the queries of your potential and existing clients and customers. It saves them the hassle and time they put in to find your customer service number, wait in line to finally speak to a customer service representative who will tell them what they could just read on the website within seconds.

2. This frees up your time and reduces your efforts too.

Having all questions answered in one place eliminates the need for customers to contact you. This frees up a lot of your time and reduces the effort you put into sending them redundant emails that convey the same message to all customers or clients.

3. Apart from saving time, having the FAQ page will give you the opportunity of increasing the visibility of your business by incorporating SEO and keywords that will drive the traffic to your website. Answering all questions publicly also builds a sense of trust between you and your customers and clients, which is always good for a business.

Can you leave work at work when you go home?

We at Adesso Digital know that running a business can be exceptionally challenging and sometimes it might get the best of you and even hamper your personal time, with yourself and your family. This not only impacts your health by increasing stress and anxiety, but also hampers a lot of business processes. Leaving the business in the business hours and not attending to any emails or calls related to it after hours might get tough for some. But when you as an owner do it, you naturally expect your employees and clients to do the same, but this drastically reduces the employee engagement in the business during the peak business hours and the work gets piled up upon to get completed later on.

Planning each business day one day in advance, by setting up a schedule, booking all appointments and following it, not only gets the work done, but helps you use time most efficiently. Keeping the end in mind helps you plan things on the basis of priority and the important tasks always get completed.

There are numerous technologies available in the market which will help you focus, by setting up meeting reminders, cutting of distractions, automatic updates of the redundant tasks and much more.Time is precious and giving you 100% to your business doesn’t mean you have to work overtime every day.

Do you operate your business with a scheduled plan?

Having a formal business plan is very crucial to managing a business efficiently. It takes a little brainstorming to prepare the first draft and then monthly revisions in alignment with the business goals not only make the process functioning smooth but also extremely time saving.

Having a digitalised and scheduled business plans allows to overlook all the business processes holistically, track and manage any changes, improve focus, enhance accountability and productivity and also manage finances.

Digitising your business plan will help you embrace the milestones you have achieved at every step of the way, appreciate them and move forward setting up new priorities in a systematic manner.

Having a business plan equips you with reminders which are realistic and come up on a regular basis to help you stay on track, improve performance, achieve goals, all during business hours, saving a lot of your valuable time.

Do you spend at least an hour a month planning for the month ahead?

An hour a month is such a small amount of time to spend but has a profound impact on your business. Following the schedules plan above, you can dramatically improve oversight of your business and gain a greater understanding of what you should be focusing on.

Adesso Digital has helped numerous businesses save a lot of time by helping them automate their processes and constantly tracking their business performance which in turn helped them become a leading business in their industry. Contact us today to get a perspective on how you can save time in your business.

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