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The Business Processes

With the arrival of new technological advancements, traditional businesses have been forced to pivot and adapt these to incorporate this digital transformation or face the consequence of going obsolete. Business process management was originally centred around the priorities of cost-cutting and process optimisations. The digital revolution has brought about an extreme change in the way these processes work. It has become easier to analyse, manage track, document and overlook these. For business owners, crucial business process management often takes the backseat as they involve paperwork, or are time consuming, or they are left unattended because of the sheer reason that the staff is occupied with other pressing matters.

At Adesso Digital we have analysed a few crucial business processes which are often ignored but when done correctly can enhance the functioning of your business multifold.

  1. Document the business processes for every activity in your business

Business process documentation is a part of business process management with the objective of enhancing business performance and improving the operational agility. However big or small, all businesses should document their processes during execution. This reduces the probability of mistakes, refines the processes and increases the learning as new insight can be developed from the successes and failures.

Some benefits of process documentation are:

  • Documentation increases consistency as when a proper procedure is followed the chances of making any errors are reduced. In fact, it saves a lot of time as less time is spent correcting those mistakes.
  • Businesses can significantly reduce their operational costs by process documentation as it uncovers the tasks that are not required or are redundant and can be automated to improve the process efficiency.
  • A documented process not only simplifies training for any new employees, but also creates a sense of accountability and ownership within existing employees as they tackle problems while documenting their processes.
  • A documented process acts as a proof in a legal matter regarding the process being followed during a particular task or even when filing a patent or its defense.

2. Equip your staff to perform each activity without you.

More than 75% of the workforce in the world is dissatisfied and unhappy with the IT infrastructure their company has to offer. There are constant complaints regarding insufficient tools, technology and training facilities which hampers their processes and work efficiency. Employees will get frustrated, disengaged and start wasting precious time during office hours just because relevant tools are inaccessible to them. When your staff are equipped with the correct tools and technologies, they become more interested and efficient in delivering the work and meeting deadlines. They don’t feel burdened because of the extra work that piles up due to unavailability of certain tools. This also takes the business towards a better and sustainable future where all employees are satisfied and can function without your personal interference as all the tools are easily available to them.

3. Onboarding Process for new staff

The onboarding process of a company leaves a mark on the newly hired employees. Having an efficient onboarding process for the new staff is extremely beneficial for both the employee and the employer. The employee knows the process and procedure and their transition is smooth and the employer saves a lot of time as the employees are ramped up quickly. A good onboarding process is not just an orientation, employers can engage new employees in the company since the day they are hired. This can be done by giving them materials, tools and guides, so that they understand the goals and vision the company is working towards.

Having a good on-boarding process has the following advantages:

  • A well-managed on boarding process which gives new employees a good experience creates a positive company culture and leads to an improved talent acquisition on the company’s team.
  • When a new hire is well equipped with all the tools and knowledge required to start their journey in your company, less time needs to be invested to train them and instead their time to productivity is significantly reduced.
  • A good on boarding process means higher retention rates. This means that the company will save a lot of time and cost that is spent on hiring processes and procedures.

4. Delegate decision making

Any business requires working in teams, delegating is imperative if you’re doing so. To delegate any job, you first need to build that trust among your subordinates and co-workers. Proper delegation can lead to the success of your company. Delegating improves the efficiency of the work done in the business. When delegated to the right person, who is a much better fit for the task, considering their skills, the output is better. Sometimes, delegation can help employees learn new things as they take up new responsibilities outside of their regular jobs and comfort zones, only to prove themselves as an asset to the business. Correct delegation will save your business a lot of time, which can be invested on tasks with higher priority.

5. Fix your customer pain points

Understanding your customers and clients is crucial to any business. Developing long term relationships with them and getting to know how they perceive your brand can improve the credibility of your business.

To create an excellent customer experience for your clients and customers, you need to know your customer pain points and address them to make them happy.

Adesso Digital will help you identify and improve all your customer pain points.

  • Do not delay customer support response; Constant service

One of the major customer pain points are waiting in long queues to get support for their issues. This creates a negative brand image. To resolve this issue, you can:

  • Offer real time assistance with live chats
  • You can also reduce the number of touchpoints, like long emails exchanged between the customer and you, by offering a simple video call feature or co-browsing.
  • Provide a 24/7 customer service by using chatbots
  • Deploy self-service portals
  • Consistent Customer Service

Customers and clients want a consistent customer service across all channels – online and offline. By understanding your customer needs and properly conveying the vision when it comes to customer experience to your employees is the key to keep the customer happy.

  • Provision of Quality products and services

Delivering a perfect quality of products and services will boost your ROI, increase customer retention and create an impressive brand image.

  • Educate your staff

Lack of knowledge about products and services in the staff can drive the customers away. Regular employee training and product demonstration will help them know more about the service and product offered as well as keep them connected to the company.

  • Do not complicate the buying process

Keeping sign up and checkout processes simple and easy attract customers. Offering different modes of payment is also one way of expanding your customer base.

  • Focus on customer satisfaction

Make sure you solve your customer’s issue at their first point of contact. Know your customer’s needs and address redundant problems without them having to contact you.

  • Train your representative staff to be polite and patient with the customer. This will improve your brand image as well as your customer service experience immensely.

All of these processes seem petty but are extremely important to run a successful business. They seem time consuming, but with the technological advancements and digital revolutions all these processes can be automated to make the process hassle free, manageable and cost effective.

Our team at Adesso Digital can help to optimise your business process in the right way and increase employee satisfaction and help you keep your customers happy. Click here to contact us today.

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