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Part 4 of 5 Series : How Does Your Business Technology Stack Up?

All businesses today are keen to expand their IT infrastructure. It is like digitalisation has become mainstream. People are looking into new technologies and trends every day to reach out to more clients, automate their redundant business processes, increase employee productivity and in general, let the computer do all the complex tasks. But, it comes to technology. It is extremely Important you choose the right one which caters to your needs and makes life easy and not the other way round. Adesso Digital specialises in software development and our team of highly competent developers have come up with the answers to few frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the right software technology for your business. Let’s get right into them.

Is your technology stack compatible, up-to-date and cost effective?

Technology stacks are extremely important for a business to run smoothly and efficiently. When building a web or a mobile application for your business, however big or small, a set of tools, framework and a combination of programming languages is required. These tech stacks are generally divided into two sides, the server side and the client side.

Optimising the right technology stack for your business helps you understand the workflow from the perspective of your employees as well as your clients and customers, that is, both the back-end workflow and the front-end workflow. It becomes easier to visualise and address the gaps in the processes and the deviation from ideal processes.

Technology in application development decides how the app works currently and its capability to address future changes. For example, it is important to know, if in the future you would need more storage for the files and shift from local file storage to cloud file storage.

The scalability of your product is also influenced by your tech stack. It is important to decide to know the strengths and weaknesses of your technology stack so that in the future, you are saved from investing large amounts of money to completely change your tech stack.

Is your business data readily accessible anywhere, anytime?

Restriction of data means hampering your company’s growth. Data availability and virtualisation in the modern world is the one thing that businesses value the most after profit. There are numerous advantages to having your business data readily accessible anywhere and anytime. We have listed down some for you to help you decide on the technology you want to incorporate to support your business.

  • Data accessibility leads to improved efficiency

When all employees have access to all the information readily, decisions taken are more efficient and no one is left in the dark. Communication with clients also becomes streamlined and their wishes and problems are addressed quickly.

Data availability also means that your company can operate as a single unit and when the whole team works together more work gets done.

  • Expand your Clientele

You can expand your client base by showing off your profits and strengths. Your revenue projections or data about your teams can impress clients and act as a bridge to get in business with them.

  • Virtualization of data means more productivity.

Gone are the days of storing data in computer hardware; virtualizing data means that you can access your business data from anywhere. It gives a chance to everyone to access the data and interact with it from anywhere and being able to access data from anywhere and working on it means more productivity, which in turn leads to the growth of your company.

Do the majority of your digital assets have your brand on it?

Digital branding is a way to promote your brand in today’s age and time when everyone is extremely engaged online. Your digital assets are distinctive elements that have been associated with your brand for a long time. It is important to identify and promote these elements in a consistent manner. We at Adesso Digital can help you identify your digital assets and promote them. Here are some benefits of digital branding that you will immediately recognise once you start promoting your digital assets.

  • Effectiveness of your business will drastically increase when the story of your brand is promoted consistently throughout all channels. Consistent information reaching to people from all the channels enhances your business’s credibility.
  • Digital branding helps you engage with customers. You will be indirect contact with your customers and communication with them will become streamlined.
  • Having a brand on all your digital assets creates a sense of individuality and separates you from other similar businesses. This is a great marketing technique and makes your brand stand out.

Do you use documents and spreadsheets to track and run your business?

Using spreadsheets to track and run your business processes like order tracking, finances and maintaining databases is a cheap and easy way during the early stages of the company. However, when the business grows, looking for data in spreadsheets can be overwhelming.

Using documents and spreadsheets to run your business have both advantages and drawbacks.

Some advantages are:

  • Spreadsheets and documents are easy to use and no intensive training is required to understand how to use them.
  • They can be integrated with software and are a very convenient way to organise data.
  • They can perform complex calculations without having the user enter the formulae repeatedly.

Some disadvantages are:

  • Large amounts of data can be overwhelming to view and it is a time consuming process to translate this data into reports.
  • It becomes difficult to identify and correct mistakes as data is not backed up automatically and once updated the original data can’t be retrieved.
  • Spreadsheets and documents are not mobile friendly, especially when a large amount of data is involved.
  • Entering data into spreadsheets and documents is extremely time consuming and inattentiveness while doing so can lead to errors that can cost the business a fortune.

Spreadsheets are sometimes not the best option to run a business but in many cases it is required to streamline the workflow. At Adesso Digital, we understand the needs of your business and our team of professionals develops a software that is more user friendly, tailoring to all your needs. We have helped many businesses to make a smooth transition from spreadsheets to using software to help them enhance their business process outputs.

Do you spend a significant amount of time teaching staff how to use multiple programs?

It is extremely important to train your employees and keep them up to date with all the technologies your business uses. But sometimes, due to many different reasons, a significant amount of time is spent on training staff, the valuable time which could have been used more productively.

If your business processes use a lot of complex technologies which expect you to enter details manually, the time taken to train employees is more. This not only affects employee productivity but also increases the probability of errors.

Moreover, not having an up to date tech stack means that employees need to work around the problems, that means extra training is required.

Also when there a number of different software are involved, the staff is required to be trained to use them all. 

Adesso Digital helps you avoid the hassle of training employees again and again and also saves your valuable time which is often wasted on training employees, by developing software that is catering to all your needs and is user friendly. We also help you keep you tech stacks and apps up to date which will in turn make your staff more productive and save your business a lot of precious time.

Technology has both tangible and intangible benefits when incorporated with business processes. It helps produce results to make more money by not only improving productivity and efficiency but creates a culture and relationship with both clients, customers and employees. But choosing the right technology tailoring to your requirements is extremely important for your organisation to function smoothly. 

Adesso Digital can help your business become a leader in the industry by developing software and technology that will cater to all your needs to streamline all your business processes and automating them to help you focus on the products and services you offer instead of focusing on the backend work.

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