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Frequently Asked Questions

We build software for you! Our expertise is in business applications; however, we can build software for any purpose. Simply put, we take your idea and turn it into something real.

We can develop many types of software programs depending on your needs and the best fit for the application. Types of software programs include; Web Apps (applications you can log into through a web browser) Mobile Apps (applications you can download from the app store and use on your mobile device, Integrations (an application that can sit in between two or more other applications to connect them. For example take information from one program and feed it into another. Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are where you can build a program and charge people for its use.

We take care of all aspects of the software development process. These include analysis, requirements gathering, design, coding, data management and storage, user interface, theme and brand, backup, support and documentation. You get all the source code, project files and hold the Intellectual Property. We host the application and make it available during development for you to have access and review through the build. We can also host the application when it goes live if you don’t have the facilities setup already.

Like most custom services we don’t have a preset time frame to give you. Typically for a new build, to establish a minimal viable product (MVP) we take 3 months. This includes all our services listed above in FAQ 3, with a team of 4 people; a business analyst, a project manager a designer and one full time developer (we can scale the developers to suit your timeframe).

We have an Automation Readiness scorecard which will ask you 30 questions to see how ready you are to maximise the benefits of a custom-built application. You will receive a report detailing your answers and a huge amount of valuable insights helping you get ready for a custom build. Free of charge. Click here to take the quiz.

The inevitable question that everyone asks and should! Budget is a very important aspect of any project and making sure you have enough to complete the product is essential for success. At Adesso we don’t charge for time, we charge based on deliverables. Your project will be quoted based on a set of deliverables clearly outlined in a quote before we begin working together. As a ballpark figure to deliver a custom-built MVP over a 3 month period we typically charge $22,500. Of course your project could be smaller or bigger than this so we will always provide a fixed price quote.

In most cases you will have a huge list of new features you want now that you have your very own application. We can continue working with you to add new features and expand on existing ones. We can incorporate user feedback and changes to continuously improve the product.

We are more than happy to take on existing projects or refresh older programs. We can review and analyse your requirements and develop a pathway to update your existing software.

We follow a process to get you from Idea to Go Live:

  1. Discussion about your idea, problem or existing product
  2. Initial requirements analysis and estimates to provide a quote
  3. Letter of engagement listing deliverables, terms of service, time frames and price.
  4. Software requirements specification – a detailed listing of design, features and requirements.
  5. Setup Project, Development Environment, Code Repository.
  6. Create timeline for feature development.
  7. Theme and User Interface design
  8. Begin coding features.
  9. Weekly reviews
  10. Handover (if project is finished) or Continuous development (if project continues)

We are more than happy to continue our working relationship through support and maintenance. As part of our terms of service we provide support and minor changes as part of our initial build. If you would like to host your application with us we can tailor a support contract with you to provide exactly what you need to fully utilise your application.

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